Jielian Beh is an emerging artist based in Canberra, Australia. Her work is inspired by her long-standing passion for the environment; a passion which lead her to pursue her first calling as an environmental scientist. Jielian draws on her training and experience as a scientist and observer of the natural world to create artworks that highlight the beauty and diversity of nature and issues of environmental conservation and sustainability.


Jielian’s interest in creating art began as a child where she spent much of her schooling illustrating her textbooks. While drawing and illustration have been a mainstay of her artistic journey, she has in recent months picked up the paintbrush. Her body of works to date document her learning and exploration of the language of abstraction and abstract expressionism. She has discovered an appreciation for the versatility of the language of abstraction for evoking emotion and the connection that colour, composition, texture and form has with the human psyche. In her work, Jielian references the main canon of 1920-50s abstract expressionist artists including Jackson Pollock, Wassily Kandinsky, Albert Gleizes and Pablo Picasso as well as Gerhard Richter and contemporary post-feminist abstract interpretations of artists Janet Wayte, Madeline Denaro and Charlotte Foust.

In keeping with her values, Jielian strives to create an art practice that is sustainable by minimising waste and choosing ethically sourced, non-toxic materials wherever possible.

Tipping Point, 2016

Plaster cast, 10cm x 40cm